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I believe that in order for anyone to be able to solve a problem effectively, they need to understand the causes of the problem first. That is why I was happy to learn the five causes of global environmental problems in the first week of class. Without fixing these five problems, (1) population growth, (2) unsustainable resource use, (3) poverty, (4) excluding environmental costs from market prices, and (5) trying to manage nature without knowing enough about it, we will unfortunately continue to degrade our Earth. I believe that these five problems are directly related to the Poverty Cycle. For this blog, I will focus on the first three environmental problems, which I feel are the most pressing issues.

I think that population growth is the most pressing issue for the world because with every single baby being born, we add more and more stress on our already stressed environment. And with about 2.5 babies being born every second, we can’t afford to wait any longer! Couples of all countries need to be respectful of the Earth and limit themselves to 2 kids (which would maintain a stable population level), especially since Mother Nature is known to strike back…

Now, linked to population growth is unsustainable resource use, our second environmental problem. As human population continues to grow at an exponential rate, there is huge demand for resources. However, it is estimated by some that the Earth can only support around 7 billion people. We are projected to reach that maximum in the next year or so! Where are all of the resources to support 9 billion or 12 billion people going to come from? Since we are already unsustainable in the use of our resources (ex: we’re running out of important energy sources such as oil and coal), a growing population will inevitably lead to poverty, which then leads to even more unsustainable resource use.

But are we doomed? Not necessarily. Only if the global community (yes, that includes you) continues to ignore the need to lead a responsible and sustainable lifestyle (including making sacrifices like giving up your SUV…).

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